penpal girl.

by penpal girl.

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released June 3, 2017

eric moore



all rights reserved


penpal girl. Los Angeles, California


music by eric moore.

summer 2017.

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Track Name: dear.
her heart hasn't been featured
on the screen of any tattoo spaceboy theatre

the only girl i still write letters to
the last one had a drawing
that cracked her soul in two
and i felt bad til she thanked me with a wink
so now the wine on her sweater
is the blood that we both drink

and i said
hey is it cool if we stay outside
'cause your face just got me drunk
and the stars can get us high

our discourse isn't practiced
it's chalked in steps along the sidewalk's mouth
the only girl who still writes letters to me
spilled my coffee when the last one
ran me out of town

and i thanked her with the love that i had
left out in the sun
so the venom that we spill
covered the habits we've outrun

she said
hey is it cool if the moon won't hide?
cause i wanna see you now
in case we both die
and the breeze can get us by

we'll never be together though
not in a faded movie
or sharing cookie dough
the only person who ever writes back
is much too far away
she'll never get unpacked

so i thanked her with the sadness
that she peppers into grins
she listens to my music
in her memory's garden

and hey is it cool
if i love you cause
nobody else cares
if we keep this buzz
and the picture that you sent
is helping me feel less stuck.
Track Name: pizza night
can stay in all night
like that semester you had a 2.9
i’ll bake pizza, i’ll pause time
the cars are panting while we
drink inside

can we stay up all night
show me a movie that used to
make you bleed alive

if the carpet can support our grief
Friday’s tears can bring us Sunday sleep.
Track Name: rote me back
and i felt things that you heard
and i cried things that you won't
because we are just
two people
in a broken sailboat
and your toy-sized heart
is really just
another gorgeous lie
you told.
Track Name: fun crush
i've got a fun crush
her mom burned all her art
she don't like video games
except when you get to press

she's got a goth blush
in terms of sappy talk
but it is shrouded by the
shyness of a
cross-hatch fog.

so don't draw me
if you won't hurt me
i wanna bleed so i can kiss another enemy.
Track Name: cc my <3
Big rock by the caterpillar lodge
Played Gameboys above mismatched socks.

Drove my first car on a gravel lot
Multicolored fish food in the glove box

Kissed you on a campus roof
Snow on your hat
Like sugary freckles
you sighed at that

True blues and charming attacks
Cc my heart and we can circle back
Track Name: career sons
career sons
affluent ones
bloomg with stocks
and security rungs.

robot sons
destined to push
buttons for dials
for dollars
for mush.

monotony guns
brimming with good weather
and adequate love

sorry we're gone
sorry we paint
sorry it's difficult
to feel
when we hate.